Fall 2004




In the Fall of 2004, we took our first major trip on our new Marill Mobile RV. It was a huge success, as you can see from the pictures and stories seen here.

We also attended the annual SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) Conference in Melbourne, FL, and gave a presentation on cruising Pacific Central America. Once again, Stu and Linda Glass offered their hospitality. While staying in their home the previous year, we ran across our RV for sale, so this year we stayed in their driveway! It was so convenient to have our RV parked right outside the conference hall, so we could take some breaks and better pace ourselves.

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While attending the SSCA, we were invited to a gathering of cruising friends from the Mexico Pacific side aboard THE GREAT ESCAPE, which was anchored right by the conference center in Melbourne. We also had the crews of PIPE DREAM, SERAFIN, SANGARIS and SIESTA represented. It was a very special evening! Thanks Duey and Nan! Note: Linda, from SERAFIN, is missing from the picture. We needed a photographer!

We finally launched SIESTA after keeping her on the hard during all the 2004 hurricane excitement in Florida.


Living as we do so close to Cuba in the Keys, we see quite frequently the arrival of fairly fragile boats used by people who are truly desperate to leave Cuba. One of these boats landed just a couple of blocks from where we leave. When you look at the lack of structural integrity of these vessels, it makes you think hard about the seriousness of the Cuban political situation.

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And, finally, as we did the year before, we participated in the Keys Motorcycle Toys for Tots program, which gathers toys for the underpriviledged children. This event is always a lot of fun and it is for a good cause.

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