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The website www.marill.com is produced by Edgardo and Daisy Marill, residing in Marathon, in the Florida Keys, for the primary purpose of providing up-to-date information about us and our immediate family to our more distant family and friends. Its contents is copyrighted, and cannot be used for any other purpose that personal viewing. It was first developed for this purpose in 1997, while we lived in Northern California, and has grown and evolved over the years. We now also provide helpful information about our sailing trip from San Francisco to the Florida Keys to cruisers who may be considering a visit to some of these beautiful lands. And we now include detailed information about the origin and lore of CSY-made boats similar to the one we own, and about Ruston Academy, an private bi-lingual elementary and secondary school that operated in Havana until the early days of Fidel Castro.


We welcome your emails, even if we have not met you, so you can let us know that you have visited our web site, and to send us a message or suggestions for improvement. If we have met you before in our travels, we would like to keep in touch with your whereabouts as well.  

A little more information about ED AND DAISY MARILL:

Both Daisy and I had careers in information systems, and are now retired. We have been sailing since we got married and moved to
Cherry Hill , New Jersey , where we had a Sunfish. From there, we relocated to South Florida , where we had several motorboats, including a twin-engine 23’ cabin cruiser which we took to West End , Grand Bahamas.  We bought our first cruising sailboat, a Morgan 35’, in 1977. We raced it in the Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club regattas, and made some trips to the Bahamas . From there, we moved up to a Hunter 37’ cutter, of the old, heavier design. We kept that boat for 12 years, and cruised it extensively in the Bahamas and the Keys. We became active in the 7268 KHz Ham Waterway Net in the process. In 1992, we purchased our current CSY 44 “SIESTA”. For business reasons, we had to relocate to the Bay Area in 1995, and figured we would leave our boat on the hard in Florida for several years, until we returned. We kept our place in Marathon , which we rented throughout that period. After riding 30,000 miles on our motorcycle on weekends in California , we figured it was time to bring our boat to the Bay Area. We had the boat shipped on a truck. We enjoyed our sailing in the Bay Area very much, and made a couple of coastal trips to Monterey , Carmel and Half-Moon Bay .  Finally, we retired in the summer of 2001, moved aboard, and frantically worked on the getting the boat ready for its return trip to the Florida Keys through the Panama Canal . We spent two years on our return trip, stopping in the Sea of Cortez for a 4-month layover on the hard. We arrived in Marathon on June 16th, 2003 .  We currently reside in Marathon , and we are planning our next long-range cruising adventure.

To read about Ed Marill's professional career, click here.

Our email address is siesta2000 (at sign) yahoo.com, where you must substitute @ for (at sign). We encode it this way to help keep automatic web detection systems from finding our mailing address and sending even more junk mail.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy roaming around our web pages. We are delighted with your visit!


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